Corporate shoots are a great way to network with your staff for team-building or bring your special customer and their team and spend unforgettable day improving the business relationship.
Team Building Shoots – Here, the emphasis is on team building combined with the fun of clay target shooting.
Christmas Shoots – This is another very successful way of team building at Christmas time and celebrate the year with your staff in a unique and unforgettable manner
Corporate Client Shoots – Where companies bring their management and clients team together to share a great experience to promote and build the companies brand and enhance their business relationships.
We have many innovative ideas to help you maximise the impact of the of the events above.
For corporate events the companies are allowed to erect their own advertising for the event as long as they are not obstructing the advertising of the club sponsors advertising.We have a fully stocked modern bar, kitchen and catering facilities. For your catering requirements please go to our catering section
If you wish to provide your own catering it can be arranged but we charge a surcharge will apply.
We can accommodate breakfasts, evening events and even night shoots after or before supper  which are real fun.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


Getting married! Enjoy the last “freedom” with a bang! A great activity and fun way to enjoy the start of the Bachelor party celebration with some Clay Target Shooting. Everyone can take part, and our experience is that these parties are enjoyed, the groom of course bearing the brunt of the good natured banter.
One basic safety rule that is enforced, is the requirement that no alcohol may be consumed before the shooting has been completed by the bachelor party group. Thereafter, our bar is open to the everyone to enjoy.
We can also cater for a selection of food ranging from platters to braais and spit-braais. Please visit our catering page and book your requirements.
During the event the group will have its own instructor and shoot operator who will teach the safety basics and give some instruction to ensure that many targets are hit and the event enjoyed.


Valley Clay Target Club has access to various excellent qualified professional coaches that can help you improve your shooting dramatically.
Coaching can be booked on an individual basis (you may be grouped with others undergoing the same coaching)
For corporate events the companies are allowed to erect their own advertising for the event as long as they are not obstructing the advertising of the club sponsors advertising.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


WELCOMEVisitors are always welcome to Valley Clay Target Club, and the Management and staff will make you welcome and gladly arrange for you to enjoy the adventure sport of clay target shooting.
Booking is always recommended, as with casual visits, we can not guarantee the availability of guns and or instructor/s, although we will always try and accommodate you wherever possible.
We cater for individual visitors and groups
For small groups and or individuals, the Club reserves the right to combine them into one group (network and meet new people).

CATERING – Food and Beverage

The club has its own fully licensed bar and can also cater various food packages for groups as per our catering offering.
For corporate groups this works extremely well, as you only have to arrive with your guests and give them your full attention and we will do the rest.
Please see our catering page to book your requirements.
On Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays our pizza oven is on with a selection of pizzas. We also have pies as part of our casual menu and on occasion we have other offerings.
We do not allow alcohol or food to be brought onto our premises as we provide all catering.


No person may consume any alcohol until such time as he/she has finished shooting for the day.
The club has a zero tolerance policy on bad or rowdy behaviour and persons or groups who display inappropriate behaviour may be asked to leave. In such cases no refunds will be granted.
By booking the person responsible for the booking acknowledges that he/she and their part has read our  Code of Conduct and Safety Rules, and hereby agrees to be bound by it at all times:
Valley Clay Target Club has the right to squad individuals together for expediency and avoid unnecessary waiting
Right of admission is reserved.


Booking Form
Fill in the required blocks below, and then select you time and date in the calendar. Note booking notice periods for catering.
Go to the check out page and pay. Once you have paid your booking will be confirmed by return email.
Any additional requirements can be arranged with the manager directly at