Valley Gun Club, one of the oldest, if not the oldest clay target shooting club in the Western Cape, was formed officially in 1960 but took its origins from the Paarl Gun Club previously formed in or around 1956. After that, the initial ranges were at Daljosaphat, Paarl, and were utilized for five years before relocating in 1965 to the Boland Bricks property in Suider-Paarl where it remained until the beginning of 2000.

In 1997 the committee, after a heavy night of drinking, put into action what many believed to be the impossible – acquire their own land and erect facilities which would be the best on offer in the Western Cape, if not the whole of South Africa. Today it is possibly the best club in all of Africa, having held several World Championships and many African and National events. The key players in building the new club, where it stands today, were: Paul de Villiers, co-owner of Landskroon, who was well placed to know all of the farmers and land owners, and who negotiated to buy 30 hectares of land from Theuns Briers a former Springbok rugby wing from 1956; Jonathon Voss who bought in excess of 200 debentures to help fund the new club and who was the first new Chairman; and Drew Harington who was on sight just about every day during the building of the new premises. Sixty-three names of those who contributed and their contributions are listed in the Valley clubhouse; it was a team effort.

Against all odds our beer drinking friends (today they have become a little more socially acceptable drinking the best Landskroon Shiraz wine) achieved the impossible when in February of 2000 the new club and club house were complete. Today there are a 270 square meter clubhouse, 10 trap ranges, 2 skeet ranges, a trench range, an Olympic trap range, 3 fixed Compak sporting ranges, and enough land to host FITASC World Sporting Championships. At last count there were in the order of 130 trap machines at Valley. Valley Gun Club was awarded the FITASC Gold Medal Award for service to the sport, the only club in the world to have received this award.

One significant event that shaped Valley was the amalgamation of Cape Gun Club, primarily a sporting club. Another 10 hectares of land was purchased in addition to the existing 30 hectares to form the current 40 hectare club. A water well was drilled that produced close to 100,000 liters per hour and this provides Valley with all the water needed for the clubhouse and the irrigation of lawns and circa 400 trees that have been planted.

Valley has numerous Protea and Springbok shooters from all the disciplines and there is a culture of helping new members. Valley is the 2017 interprovincial Chairman’s Cup Champion, has won the trophy four times in recent years, and currently holds the record with the highest score ever shot. If you want to reach your highest potential as a competitive shooter, then Valley has the shooters that can help you. If you want to just have fun shooting and socializing on the stoop or in the clubhouse afterwards, then you will fit right in. We aspire to be a family club and all ages and genders are welcome.